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GitHub integration features

The ASF allows for GitHub integration with pull requests using a system with the following features:

  1. Any Pull Request that gets opened, closed, reopened or commented on can get recorded on the project's mailing list
  2. If a project has a JIRA instance, any PRs or comments on PRs that include a JIRA ticket ID will trigger an update on that specific ticket (unless opted out of)
  3. GitHub activity can be relayed to IRC channels on the Freenode network.

All these features are opt-in for projects, meaning you will have to file a JIRA ticket to have them added to your project. Please set the component to git when creating a ticket.

The default behavior for the GitHub JIRA integration options is to add a comment to the JIRA (like a regular user). This behavior can be customized by requesting INFRA to change the apache.jira option in the repo's git config to one of the following:

For git-wip repos:

  1. nofollow - disables JIRA commenting
  2. linkonly - adds the link to the PR on the JIRA issue, but does not add any comments to it
  3. worklog - adds the link to the PR on the JIRA issue, and puts comments in the worklog area rather than the comments section

For gitbox repos, nofollow and linkonly are not supported. Only the following are supported:

  1. comments - diffs posted as comments
  2. worklog - diffs posted to worklog

When adding integration, be sure that the 'githubbot' user on Jira has appropriate rights (usually committer) in the project's Jira space to add to the worklog or comment/link issues.