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PMC documentation

Here you'll find a comprehensive list of topics that covers most of what you will run into as a PMC member or officer at the Apache Software Foundation.

Having some trouble with something?

  1. Troubleshooting guide

Release management

  1. Releasing artifacts (from Committers' Documentation)

LDAP/group management

  1. Adding a new committer
  2. Adding or removing a PMC member
  3. Listing current PMC or project members

Mailing lists

  1. Working with mailing lists
  2. Requesting a new mailing list


  1. Requesting a new repo

Bug tracking

  1. Requesting a bug tracker
  2. Requesting svngit2jira implementation
  3. Requesting GitHub integration features

Virtual Machines

  1. Requesting a virtual machine for your project
  2. Requesting access for a committer to a machine
  3. Maintaining your VM

Top Level Project Promotion

  1. How to request a TLP promotion

Code signing

  1. Requesting access
  2. How to use

App Stores

  1. Apple
  2. Google

CI - Jenkins and Buildbot

  1. Docker Hub